Team Mentorship

Why Team Mentorship

  • Entrepreneurs are exposed to a wide range of viewpoints based on diverse sets of expertise.
  • Diverse experience leads to diverse output.
  • Many perspectives are openly discussed and considered.
  • Richer discussions among mentors and mentee.
  • Mentees have the opportunity to learn best practices from experienced, successful entrepreneurs and industry experts as well as insights on how to reach business development goals while facing real world constraints.

About the Team Mentorship Program

The Team Mentorship Program is a dedicated 10-week cycle for mentee companies.  Selected businesses will be asked to present to an audience of prospective mentors in a First Pitch event.  Mentors will be asked to select companies they would be interested in mentoring.  While Mentor interest will be considered in the selection process, the program Steering Committee will organize mentor teams, working to meet the needs and interests of the mentee company.

Once matched, the teams will begin a 10 week series of weekly, 1-2 hour meetings to discuss a variety of business preparedness issues.  IHIF will provide discussion guidelines and support materials but expect teams to help mentees to think critically about these issues and how they apply to their business, not necessarily completely resolve each topic.  Additional time and discussion may be allocated to other issues as needed.  Teams will be paired with an MBA student who will serve as the project coordinator.

As part of of the 10-week cycle, mentees go through a one-day training session to hone their presentation skills and will then be asked to present their new slide decks to the members of the mentor network in the Final Pitch event.

IHIF expects to organize two cycles of 3-5 mentee companies per year.   The first mentee class will open in the Fall of 2015.