MorNuCo Enterprises

West Lafayette, IN

The IvyGene Platform utilizes advanced sequencing techniques to analyze DNA Methylation patterns of cell-free DNA (cfDNA) in whole blood. The sequence along with the pattern of methylated DNA is consistent with cancer presence. This gives providers and patients access to important data regarding the health of patients at the time of testing.

The IvyGene technology is owned by Laboratory for Advanced Medicine. LAM is a biomedical laboratory, specializing in revolutionary new technology, focused on the early intervention and detection of cancer. LAM was founded with a mission to take cancer from a life-threatening disease to a manageable illness, that can eventually be cured. By keeping testing available and affordable for everyone, LAM strives to change the status quo on reactive cancer prevention and detection, to a proactive approach.

Mor-NuCo Enterprises, a subsidiary of LAM, is the laboratory that performs the IvyGene test.