E. Daniel Hirleman Jr., Ph.D. – Chief Corporate and Global Partnerships Officer, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University

E. Daniel Hirleman Jr. joined Purdue as Chief Corporate and Global Partnerships Officer in 2014 where he is responsible for substantially growing research and education partnerships with the private sector, and for strategic global partnerships with nations, institutions of higher education, NGOs and companies. He oversees the Technical Assistance Program and Purdue’s International Programs operation that currently serves over 9,000 students and scholars, plus serves as Senior International Officer, and in 2015-16 as Senior Intellectual Property Officer.

Hirleman has about 200 technical publications, 6 U.S. patents, and has presented 80 invited lectures in 14 countries. His current research involves laser-based sensors used in detection and identification of cells and colonies for bio-hazard characterization, high-throughput screening, and stem cell diagnostics. His work in particle and flow diagnostics, semiconductor manufacturing, and global engineering is also recognized. Ten inventions/technologies developed in his lab have been licensed to the private sector and/or are in commercial products. His work has been supported by 70 grants from 31 corporations and foundations plus 11 government agencies (total funding of over $21M).

He is married to Laura Kennedy Hirleman, M.C., who counsels in private practice and in their church. They have 3 children. He served on the Board of a Purdue Campus Ministry and was founding President of nonprofit Kairos Ministries, which provides worship services, counseling, and tutoring in Phoenix area jails. For stress relief he plays racquetball, and has won numerous university open (ASU, Purdue) and state age-division championships (AZ, CA, IN) as well as medaling twice in his division at the National Championships.