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During the COVID-19 crisis, IHIF is working to help companies connect with community partners and other with needs.   If you have a specific COVID-19 related resource to offer or a project or resource you need help with, please complete the brief form below. We’ll post it here and also work behind the scenes to identify partners who can help.

Please note that inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement by IHIF. Companies should conduct their own proper due diligence with all potential business partners.


1. Scottish company needs plastic molded parts and clamps for ventilator assembly. Contact IHIF for more information.

2. Genesis Plastics can produce oxygen hoods but needs to find a company partner who can quickly make the needed plastic tubing and port connections. (learn more about the equipment) If your company can help or if you want to find out more, please contact Tom Ryder, CEO or call 317-485-7887

3. IMDMC: Urgently needed equipment (list)

4. ISO/FDA certified contract manufacturers for assembly of ventilators. Contact IHIF for more information.

5. State of Indiana PPE Donations Needed



AdvaMed Announces VentConnect Online Platform to Scale the Production and Distribution of Ventilators

New portal developed with the Aerospace Industries Association and Google connects ventilator component suppliers with manufacturers As part of the medical technology industry’s multi-front battle to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, today the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) announced the launch of a new platform (www.VentConnect.org) to connect ventilator companies with component suppliers to help quickly scale production and distribution of these vital devices.

PPE Marketplace to Support Hoosier Small Businesses
The Indiana Small Business PPE Marketplace is expected to launch this week (May 4 – 8) to provide access to Personal Protective Equipment for small businesses and nonprofits lacking the resources needed to comply with safe workplace guidance. Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb says the new marketplace will serve as a resource for Indiana small businesses returning to work in the coming weeks. Read More

1. COVID response tools – PPE, patient isolation, sanitizer. Source: CRG, Contact Andy Cothrel, Blue Marble Medical, (317) 850-0442

  • FREE sanitizer (healthcare providers only)
  • N95-equivalent mask coming on line now, taking expressions of interest to scope raw material ordering
  • Reusable masks that deactivate viruses, imported from Israel, 30 days to get them, collecting interest and quantity indications. Just wash & wear, no re-sterilization needed!
  • Face shields (Johns Hopkins open source design). First production lots made and distributed, taking expressions of interest for additional lot builds.
  • “Iso-Hut” quick and easy way to isolate a patient under negative room pressure. Suitable for field hospital, home use, nursing homes, etc. Taking expressions of interest.

2. B2S Life Sciences – Contact: Aleks Davis, CEO, (317) 787-2213 – We are developing a COVID-19 serology test. This fully validated test will tell who has developed an immune response it is safe from further infection. It can also be used in vaccine research and clinical trials.

We are also making hand sanitizer for public service, community members, and elderly care providers.

3. Butterworth Industries – Contact: Frank Butterworth, President/COO, (765) 677-6725 – Capable of manufacturing PPE gowns for COVID-19 device shortages needs. Access to 3D engineering capability and 3D printing capacity via 3rd party supplier to our company.

4. Cellexus – Are you producing proteins or antibodies for Covid-19?
We have single-use airlift bioreactors ready to help with your production needs. Contact us to discuss: enquiries@cellexus.com

5. The P3 Group is an authorized distributor for Co-Diagnostic’s COVID-19 RNA test.  End users will need a CRT instrument in its lab to self-process.  For end users that don’t have access to a CRT instrument, the test must be processed by a third party lab.   P3 Group has a relationship with a third party lab that will process the test, which permits the end user to pay for the test and lab work at the same time.  If interested in pricing and processing information, please contact Brian Crist, Ice Miller.  Please mention this lead was provided through the Indiana Health Industry Forum. 

6. The RND Group Builds Cloud Solution for Infectious Disease Surveillance and Reporting – If your company has or is releasing a COVID-19 test, have you thought about how you will leverage and track data for COVID-19 testing performed on your instrument?  What if your company had the ability to track the usage and incidence of COVID-19 for every test performed on your instrument? If you had that data, imagine the reporting you could provide to your customers, to your own company, and to healthcare monitoring organizations like the CDC. Customers would love to see and track how their own facility’s prevalence and total test performance compares to local, regional, and national numbers. And, armed with the same data your company could accurately predict consumable usage and re-order needs of your customers, allowing improved inventory management while also maximizing consumable revenue.

7. Viral Transport Media: Gemini Bio produces the raw materials that go into viral transport media like amphotericin B, Gentamycin, Hanks balanced salt solution and fetal bovine serum. Gemini Bio can also produce the complete viral transport media needed to support transport of viral sample. Gemini Bio is licensed with the FDA as a Class I medical device manufacturer and produces products under good manufacturing practices (GMP) conditions. Contact Brenden Lucey, VP Business Development, (302) 287-2385

8. Illuminate Health: Illuminate.health is offering their patient app and caregiver portal for free to help providers triage, monitor and deliver care virtually. Patients can stay home safely and get guidance on taking medications and performing other holistic activities like meditations, and clinicians can communicate with patients via a secure chat within the App. Illuminate health is also working to help ensure that addiction clinics that are treating patients with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) can still run intensive outpatient programs virtually. Learn more here. Illuminate Health is making its technology and implementation free to any organization engaged in providing substance use recovery therapy. If their technology can help your program, fill out the form here. Contact: Varun Goyal, CEO, (312) 605-2390


1. Purdue Research Foundation COVID-19 experts can advise on economic management and recovery during and after crisis

2. Offering professional expertise and background in refinancing, restructuring and reorganization of businesses including early and later stage companies. Contact David Woll, President, Woll Enterprises, Tel: (317) 727-1577

3. MED InstituteEmergency Use Authorizations (EUA’s) – We understand the importance and the need to accelerate market access, specifically for COVID-19 related devices. We are closely monitoring and carefully evaluating Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) as they are issued by FDA, and are fully prepared to assist you in using these expedited regulatory pathways for devices that are most critical to combating this disease. We can also assist you in preparing and submitting requests for new EUAs. https://bit.ly/2wwbkyi Contact us today! 855.463.1633/askmed@medinstitute.com/medinstitute.com

4. Catalyst Product Development – Contact: Chris Ryan, Business Development, (317) 727-8745 – We are an Indianapolis based Design, Engineering Firm with Rapid tooling, and injection molding manufacturing. If anyone has a design that needs immediate tooling, we can be in production around 2 weeks or less depending on the part. We are also capable of helping to retro engineer any products that may need modifying.

5. U.S. Postal Service – The United States Postal Service goes to every household and business every day. We specialize in residential deliveries 10 lbs. and under. We can provide low contact pickups and deliveries with no extra delivery fees. Contact your local branch.

Patents 4 Partnerships – Source: BIO

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) launched Patents 4 Partnerships, a new IP Marketplace Platform “that brings together those who have technologies and want to make them available for licensing and those who have an interest in and the ability to commercialize the technologies.” It’s a centralized, searchable, and easily accessible place to list U.S. patents and patent application publications as well as a database of available technologies, says USPTO. And it’s focusing first on COVID-19, listing technologies related to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the coronavirus.