Thrive Well Seeks Pharma Partners for CBD Research

SEYMOUR, IN (10/04/2021) – Thrive Well LLC, a division of Kocolene Development Corporation (KDC), recently partnered with the Indiana Health Industry Forum (IHIF) in an effort to further grow connections with the life sciences business community.  The company is capable of producing high purity CBD oils and extracts suitable for use in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food grade products.

“Our Seymour, Indiana facility was built keeping the highest quality extraction processes and end-users in mind”, says Kevin Johnson, Kocolene CEO.  “Our hope is to be able to contribute to the advancement of research around CBD as a potential treatment for a myriad of diseases and to work with a variety of corporate and academic partners interested in exploring this burgeoning sector”.

Thrive Well is actively seeking opportunities and strategic partnerships to further their success in the heavily regulated and constantly changing hemp and CBD industry. “IHIF’s ability to connect us to the broader life sciences business community both in the state of Indiana, across the country, and around the world, will help us reach potential partners we wouldn’t find any other way”, said Kevin. 

“Thrive Well is an exciting addition to our diverse membership base”, said Kristin Jones, President and CEO of IHIF.  “Our intent is to help connect companies with the resources they need to move forward and grow more quickly and we look forward to helping introduce Thrive Well to potential pharma partners interested in the CBD space”.

In order to make the most of the opportunities around the Thrive Well hemp processing facility, the company is open to exploring a variety of partnership options, including CBD extraction, research partnerships, buyers, investors, or companies interested in an equity swap.  To learn more about Thrive Well, please visit us on-line at


About Thrive Well: Following the 2018 Indiana Farm Bill, KDC was granted an Indiana Industrial Hemp License and promptly began construction of the Thrive Well CBD processing facility in Seymour, Indiana.  Indiana is known as “The Crossroads of America” and this holds true for hemp. Our state is the convergence of fertile soil, logistics, and most of all, quality people.  Thrive Well is excited to be a player and leader in this emerging industry.  Our future success is built by working with local experienced farmers, experts in extraction, and industry leaders across the state and country. 

About IHIF: Established in 1994, the Indiana Health Industry Forum (IHIF) is a statewide trade association representing Indiana’s life sciences business community – manufacturers and service providers to the bio/pharma, medical device, and health IT sectors.  It is our mission to secure Indiana’s position as a global leader in life sciences by advocatingconnectingpromoting, and delivering tangible benefits on behalf of our diverse corporate members.  To learn more, please visit

Contact Information:
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