B2S Life Sciences Launches First-of-its-Kind Critical Reagent Management System        


August 2, 2022                                                 

Indiana-based B2S Life Sciences Launches First-of-its-Kind Critical Reagent Management System
Life Cycle Management Plus (LCM+) offers crucial and secure storage and inventory management for biopharmaceutical companies worldwide

Franklin, IND. – B2S Life Sciences, a start-up company and bioanalytical contract research organization, today announces the official launch of its proprietary Life Cycle Management Plus (LCM+) system. Since 2019, B2S has worked with several global biopharmaceutical companies to design and perfect the platform, a customized inventory management system that provides optimal monitoring of critical reagents.

Critical reagents are vital in the development of new innovative biotherapeutics, which comprise roughly 25 percent of new drug approvals. Until now, there has never been an electronic inventory management system to track reagent inventory and expiry, which B2S recognized as a critical need for clients to efficiently monitor and track the entire reagent life cycles.

More recently, a published manuscript by Feauto et al. (2022) in Bioanalysis describes the attributes of their first-of-a-kind web portal for management of critical reagent inventories by external clients. While technical best practice recommendations have been published for critical reagent generation and characterization, none has addressed the important topic of inventory management in detail.  The publication by Feauto et al. broadens the discussion by specifically focusing on the functional requirements for an electronic inventory management system to track reagent inventory and expiry.

The database acts as a portal to provide sponsors, consultants, CROs and partners with immediate capability for inventory tracking and access to critical reagent documentation. LCM+ also allows customers to view and make requests for all their critical reagents stored in B2S’s inventory.

“We developed LCM+ to fill a major gap in critical reagent life cycle management and we have already received overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients who can now monitor these assets from anywhere at any time,” said Aleks Davis, Partner and CEO of B2S. “By using LCM+, our clients can ensure their time and resources are effectively utilized for their primary purposes, such as drug development.”

Over the past few decades, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of biotherapeutic drug candidates undergoing clinical development. Some drivers of this growth have been notable clinical successes in therapeutic areas such as oncology, neurology, metabolic disease and infectious disease, a trend that will undoubtedly continue as innovation advances new developments.

The recent SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has created immense global research activity into vaccines and therapeutics, an indication that growth in biopharma research and development for the foreseeable future should drive commensurate growth in the need for access to high quality and reproducible performing critical reagents.

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