IHIF Hosts Third Scottish Delegation, Connecting Life Sciences Companies and Markets

OCTOBER 3, 2022 – INDIANAPOLIS, IN — The Indiana Health Industry Forum (IHIF), a statewide life sciences trade association, is hosting the third Scottish delegation of the year, October 4-7.  IHIF and the Scottish Lifesciences Association (SLA) have been partners since 2015, supporting member companies exploring each other’s markets.  Following a break due to COVID, two previous Scottish delegations came to Indiana in January and May of this year.

This delegation includes representatives from the SLA:  Benenox, Cellexus, Sanondaf, and Intuitive Investments Group.   While in Indiana, the companies have an intensive schedule of individual meetings.  They will also participate in the Indiana Venture Club meeting and a reception with IHIF members hosted at the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI).

“We’ve had an incredibly productive year working with our members and introducing them to the U.S. market with the assistance of IHIF”, said Scott Johnstone, CEO of the Scottish Lifesciences Association.  “Indiana is an ideal place for them to get started and having warm introductions really increases their chances of success”.

According to IHIF President and CEO, Kristin Jones, “Indiana and Scotland have a lot in common and their health care innovations can fit quite easily into our delivery system.  We’ve had a great time meeting the Scottish companies and appreciate all of the Indiana companies and groups that have helped us to fill their agenda”. 

The two groups are also discussing ways to leverage the Memorandum of Understanding signed earlier in the year between Indiana and the United Kingdom, specifically looking at life sciences workforce training, cross-market regulatory training, visa programs for workers, and improving air connectivity.  IHIF is looking to return the visit and attend the SLA Annual Meeting in Edinburgh, in November.

About the Indiana Health Industry Forum (IHIF)

Established in 1994, the Indiana Health Industry Forum (IHIF) is a statewide trade association representing Indiana’s life sciences business community – manufacturers and service providers to the bio/pharma, medical device, and health IT sectors.  It is our mission to secure Indiana’s position as a global leader in life sciences by advocatingconnectingpromoting, and delivering tangible benefits on behalf of our diverse corporate members.  To learn more, please visit us on-line at

About the Scottish Lifesciences Association (SLA)

The Scottish Lifesciences Association is the voice of Scotland’s vibrant life sciences industries to investors, NHS Scotland, the Scottish and UK Governments, and the wider community.  We are member driven through 16 Special Interest Groups and 4 sub-groups.  We deliver on every aspect of members’ businesses, helping each other to attract investment and increase business activity, and engaging with the NHS and Government to grow the life sciences sector in Scotland.

About Participating Companies

Cellexus – The CellMakerairlift bioreactor is ideal for cell culture and fermentation in various applications including:  phage production, aerobic and anaerobic fermentation processes, alt. protein production, cellular agriculture, advanced therapeutics, protein expression, viral vector production, fungal biomass, monoclonal antibodies, stem cells, and many other biotherapeutics. Our single-use bioreactor has been proven successful with microbial fermentations, such as E. coli expression systems, phage amplification, CHO cell culture and antibody production in both GMP and GLP environments. 

Sanondaf – Sanondaf’s touchless disinfection solutions combine the effect of both our spraying or fogging devices and disinfectant solutions. The dual effect of both devices and disinfectants enables the air and surface in a room to be disinfected automatically. Our disinfectant is a patented, highly effective, non-oxidizing disinfectant that kills 99.99% of all hazardous germs and bacteria without posing a threat to humans, animals or plants.

Intuitive Investments Group (IIG) – IIG seeks to provide investors with exposure to a portfolio of investments concentrating on fast growing and/or high potential life sciences businesses operating predominantly in the UK, continental Europe and the U.S.. IIG is an investor in several of the Scottish companies we’ve been working with in Indiana this year.

Benenox – Honey-based night-time sleep product that is in the process of being launched in the U.S. from an Indiana manufacturer.