About IHIF

Established in 1994, the Indiana Health Industry Forum (IHIF) is a statewide trade association representing Indiana’s life sciences business community – manufacturers and service providers to the bio/pharma, medical device, and health IT sectors.  It is our mission to secure Indiana’s position as a global leader in life sciences by advocating, connecting, promoting, and delivering tangible benefits on behalf of our diverse corporate members.

IHIF plays an important role in the life sciences ecosystem.  Part of a network of similar organizations across the country and around the world, we all work to bring life saving innovation to patients in need.  Our vision is to be a recognized leader of Indiana’s corporate life sciences community.  We hope that we can facilitate and enhance your efforts and that along with our members and strategic partners, we can all contribute to the growth of Indiana’s robust life sciences sector.

Please explore our site for more information on IHIF and how we serve our members across Indiana and beyond.

Special Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At IHIF, we appreciate how our individual and collective wellbeing is connected to the wellbeing of our society.  Each person our member companies seek to help is unique in their genetic make-up but unified in their need for care, comfort, and understanding.  IHIF recognizes the critical need for diversity – racial, gender, religious, orientation, ethnic, age – in every aspect of life sciences research and development.  From encouraging, recruiting, and promoting researchers with diverse backgrounds and experiences, to broadening and diversifying clinical testing, to demanding inclusive leadership and decision making within companies and funders, and to providing equitable and accessible healthcare solutions to people in and from all communities, we must strive to be representative of the patients we serve and to ensure diversity among the voices at the table. 

To that end, IHIF pledges to advocate for state and federal policies that encourage and reward diversity, equity, and inclusion in life sciences research and development.  We will leverage our local, national, and international networks to highlight companies and individuals that embody and value principles of DEI and connect them to tools and resources to further advance their cures and companies, and we will promote the great breadth and depth of Indiana’s life sciences industry to make sure that Indiana is a welcoming place where everyone’s contribution is recognized and valued.  We pledge to look within ourselves to ensure we are practicing our values.

The life sciences industry must be a champion for diversity because only by being diverse ourselves can we accomplish the work there is to be done.  Disease often affects the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our society and we must act in our role as business leaders to improve social justice and health equity for all.  

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