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The 2024 Session of the Indiana General Assembly is underway.

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Key Session Dates

Bill Track – 2024 Session

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Bill Short Title Sponsors Status
SB 9 Notice of health care entity mergers. Authored by: 
Sen. Chris GartenSen. Ed CharbonneauSen. Liz Brown
Co-Authored by: 
Sen. Justin BuschSen. Tyler Johnson
Referred to Health and Provider Services
SB 43 Rare disease advisory council. Authored by: 
Sen. Jean Breaux
SB 127 Economic development incentive accountability. Authored by: 
Sen. Greg Taylor
SB 164 Federally qualified health center reimbursement. Authored by: 
Sen. Ed Charbonneau
SB 168 340B drug program report. Authored by: 
Sen. Ed Charbonneau
Referred to Health and Provider Services
SB 273 Biomarker testing coverage. Authored by: 
Sen. Ed CharbonneauSen. Vaneta Becker
Referred to Insurance and Financial Institutions
SB 284 Consumer genetic testing providers. Authored by: 
Sen. Andrea Hunley
HB 1071 Exceptions to required immunizations. Authored by: 
Rep. Becky Cash
HB 1072 Student immunizations. Authored by: 
Rep. Becky Cash
Co-Authored by: 
Rep. Jake Teshka
HB 1085 PFAS water safety standards. Authored by: 
Rep. Ryan Dvorak
HB 1099 Alzheimer’s disease and dementia education. Authored by: 
Rep. Gregory Porter
Co-Authored by: 
Rep. Martin CarbaughRep. Carolyn Jackson
HB 1114 Coverage for cancer screening and prescriptions. Authored by: 
Rep. Cherrish Pryor
Referred to Insurance
HB 1177 Limitations on interests of foreign countries. Authored by: 
Rep. Craig Haggard
Co-Authored by: 
Rep. Steve BartelsRep. Shane Lindauer
HB 1184 Breakthrough therapies. Authored by: 
Rep. Justin Moed
Referred to Public Health
HB 1191 Medicaid matters Authored by: 
Rep. Edward Clere
HB 1335 Indiana vaccination adverse event reporting system. Authored by: 
Rep. Bruce Borders
HB 1342 Consumer genetic testing providers. Authored by: 
Rep. Kyle Pierce
Co-Authored by: 
Rep. Kyle MillerRep. Jake Teshka
HB 1377 Prescription drug pricing. Authored by: 
Rep. Donna Schaibley
Co-Authored by: 
Rep. Brad BarrettRep. Julie McGuire
Referred to Insurance
HB 1399 PFAS chemicals. Authored by: 
Rep. Shane Lindauer
HB 1428 Reimbursement for prosthetic and orthotic devices. Authored by: 
Rep. Harold Slager

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