Session Updates

IHIF is working now on preparations for the 2021 Session of the Indiana General Assembly. This will be a budget year.

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Key Session Dates

Bill Track

*Inactive bills are struckthrough.

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BillShort TitleSponsorsStatus
SB1Civil immunity related to COVID-19.Authored by Sen. Mark MessmerSen. Eric KochSen. Liz Brown.
Co-Authored by Sen. Andy Zay.
Signed into law by Gov. Holcomb
SB3Telehealth matters.Authored by Sen. Ed Charbonneau.Senate concurred on House amendments. Roll call 44-3
SB47Coronavirus disease immunizations.Authored by Sen. Ronald Grooms.amended and adopted
SB48Local health board and officer limitations.Authored by 
Sen. James TomesSen. Blake DoriotSen. Ron Alting.
SB50Venture capital investment tax credit.Authored by Sen. Andy Zay.
SB53Testing and reporting of diseased animals.Authored by Sen. Jean Leising.Signed by Gov. 4/1
SB61Written orders for home health services.Authored by Sen. Vaneta BeckerSen. Ed Charbonneau.
SB62Prescription drug rebates and pricing.
“Share the Savings” – IHIF supports this legislation
Authored by Sen. Vaneta BeckerSen. Ed Charbonneau.
SB63Mental health treatment for inmates.Authored by Sen. Susan Glick.Signed by Gov. 4/1
SB73Opioid prescriptions.Authored by Sen. Dennis Kruse.
SB74Workplace immunization prohibition.
Authored by Sen. Dennis Kruse.
SB122Drug schedules.Authored by Sen. Michael Young.Signed by Gov. 4/1
SB131Disclosures related to prescription drugs.Authored by Sen. Kyle WalkerSen. Mike House Committee on Financial Institutions and Insurance – no action
SB139Association health plans.Authored by Sen. Andy Zay.
SB213Certified technology parks.Authored by Sen. Travis House – no action
SB216EDGE tax credits.Authored by Sen. Travis Holdman.
SB223Marijuana legalization.Authored by Sen. Karen Tallian.
SB262Pharmacy benefit managers and drug lists.Authored by Sen. Ed Charbonneau.
SB264Broadband capacity infrastructure study.Authored by Sen. Eric House – no action
SB292Public health matters.Authored by Sen. Jean Breaux.returned to Senate with amendments
SB296Health matters.Authored by Sen. Jean Breaux.
SB297Chronic disease screening and education program.Authored by Sen. Jean Breaux.
SB331Disposal of unused medications and prescriptions.Authored by Sen. Ronald Grooms.
SB352Broadband development.Authored by Sen. Erin Houchin.returned to Senate with amendments
SB360Essential worker death benefit.Authored by Sen. J.D. Ford.
SB377Broadband development.Authored by Sen. Andy Committee on Utilities – amended 4/6
HB1002Civil immunity related to COVID-19.Authored by Rep. Jerry Torr.
Co-Authored by 
Rep. John YoungRep. Chris JeterRep. Matt Lehman.
returned to House with amendments
HB1021Health workforce student loan repayment program.Authored by Rep. Ethan Manning.
Co-Authored by Rep. Brad BarrettRep. Ann Vermilion.
HB1026Medical marijuana. (related: HB1028, HB1046, HB1117, HB 1154, HB1214, HB 1547)Authored by Rep. Jim Lucas.
HB1081Medicaid self-directed care.Authored by Rep. Jeffrey Thompson.
HB1084Technical corrections.Authored by Rep. John Young.signed by Speaker and President Pro Tem
HB1099Medical payment coverage.Authored by Rep. Donna Schaibley.
HB1100Health improvement study and plan.Authored by Rep. Steven Davisson.
HB1109INSPECT program reporting.Authored by Rep. Steve Bartels.signed by Governor 4/1
HB1125Deceptive lead generation.Authored by Rep. Matt Lehman.conference committee
HB1147Community health workers and Medicaid.Authored by Rep. Robin Shackleford.
HB1172Tax credit for medical school clinical faculty.Authored by Rep. Sheila Klinker.
HB1177Strategic plan on dementia.Authored by Rep. Gregory Porter.signed by Speaker and President Pro Tem
HB1203Various department of health matters.Authored by Rep. Wendy McNamara.
Co-Authored by: Rep. Steven DavissonRep. Edward Clere.
returned to House with amendments
HB1218Certified technology parks.Authored by Rep. Dave Heine.
HB1229Influenza immunizations.Authored by Rep. Dennis Zent.
Co-Authored by Rep. Brad BarrettRep. Rita Fleming.
HB1239Prescription price.Authored by Rep. Beau Baird.
Co-Authored by Rep. Terri Jo Austin.
HB1258Civil immunity related to COVID-19.Authored by Rep. John Young.
HB1286Telehealth matters.Authored by Rep. Shane Lindauer.
Co-Authored by Rep. Brad BarrettRep. Ann VermilionRep. Jake Teshka.
to Senate – no action
HB1336COVID-19 relief for businesses.Authored by Rep. Matt Hostettler.
HB1340Human immunodeficiency virus.Authored by Rep. Edward Clere.
Co-Authored by Rep. Brad BarrettRep. Anthony CookRep. Rita Fleming.
in conference
HB1347Telemedicine.Authored by Rep. Shane Lindauer.
Co-Authored by Rep. Matt LehmanRep. Steven DavissonRep. Ann Vermilion.
HB1362Newborn screening for cytomegalovirus.Authored by Rep. Brad Barrett.
Co-Authored by Rep. Chris Campbell.
HB1379Pharmacist contraceptive prescriptions.Authored by Rep. Cindy Ziemke.
Co-Authored by Rep. Rita FlemingRep. Ann VermilionRep. Robin Shackleford.
HB1393Pharmacy benefit managers.Authored by Rep. Edward Clere.
Co-Authored by Rep. Matt LehmanRep. Steven DavissonRep. Robin Shackleford.
to Senate – reassigned to Appropriations
HB1413Rural broadband fund.Authored by Rep. Ethan Manning.
HB1414Barrett Law assessments for broadband development.Authored by Rep. Michael Karickhoff.
Co-Authored by Rep. Doug Miller.
HB1418Economic development issues.Authored by Rep. Sharon Negele.Committee report amended, adopted
HB1426Broadband development. (see also HB1449, HB1522Authored by Rep. Holli Sullivan.
Co-Authored by Rep. Sharon Negele.
to Committee on Utilities, Energy and Telecommunications
HB1443Infant Fabry disease screening.Authored by Rep. Elizabeth Rowray.
Co-Authored by Rep. Steven DavissonRep. Ryan Lauer.
HB1468Various health matters.Authored by Rep. Steven Senate – passed 3rd reading 50-0
HB1488Vaccination exemptions.Authored by Rep. Cindy Ledbetter.
Co-Authored by Rep. Steve BartelsRep. Don Lehe.
HB1495Prescription drug donation repositories.Authored by Rep. Steve Bartels.
Co-Authored by Rep. Steven Davisson.
HB1515Exposure risk diseases.Authored by Rep. Chris Judy.
Co-Authored by Rep. Robert MorrisRep. Ryan Lauer.
to Senate – no action
HB1542Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.Authored by Rep. Ethan Manning.
HB1545Certified technology parks.Authored by Rep. Jeff Ellington.
Co-Authored by Rep. Shane Lindauer.

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