2020 Session

The 2020 Session of the Indiana General Assembly convened on January 6th. This will be a “short session” of just three months, adjourning on or before March 11th. This is not a budget year.

Key Session Dates

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BillShort TitleSponsorsStatus
SB 3Healthcare provider billing (Surprise Billing) Sen. Ed Charbonneau Passed 1/22/20
SB 4All Payor Claims DatabaseSen. Ed CharbonneauSent to House
SR 5Withdrawal from ACA lawsuitSen. Karen TallianJudiciary Committee
SB 15Pharmacy benefit managersSen. Ron GroomsReferred to Committee
SB 19TelemedicineSen. Ed Charbonneau Passed 9-1
SB 38PBM Reporting Sen. Ed Charbonneau Referred to Committee
SB 66Donation of income tax refund for cancer research Sen. Jon FordPassed 50-0
SB 91 ALD Screening Sen. James TomesReferred to Committee
SB 97
Insurance drug coverage
Sen. Vaneta Becker, 
Sen. Ed Charbonneau
Passed 10-0. Referred to Appropriations
SB 160Health InsuranceSen. Mike BohacekNo vote
SB 241Pharmacy Benefit ManagersSen. Liz Brown Passed
SB 242Deceptive Lead GenerationSen. Liz BrownAssigned to Committee on Judiciary
SB 255Insulin drugsSen. Ed CharbonneauPassed
SB 265Alz Assoc. Medicaid advisory committee member Sen. Stacey DonatoAssigned to Committee
SB 272Indiana Economic Development Corp.Sen. Jon FordReferred to Committee on Commerce and Technology
SB 290Patient health informationSen. Ron GroomsReferred to Committee
SB 337Various Insurance and Health Care MattersSen. Victoria SpartzReferred to Committee on Insurance and Financial Institutions
HB 1004Out of network billingRep. Ben SmaltzReferred to Committee on Insurance
HB 1005
Health and insurance matters.
Rep. Donna SchaiblyPassed
HB 1042
Pharmacy benefit managers
Rep. Steven DavissonPassed to Senate
HB 1011Meningococcal disease information for students Rep. Ronald BaconAssigned to Committee on Education
HB 1064Medicaid reimbursement of DMERep. Ron BaconReferred to Committee
HB 1084Newborn screening for cytomegalovirusRep. Chris CampbellReferred to Committee
HB 1116Drug information reportingRep. Robin ShacklefordReferred to Committee on Insurance
HB 1129ALD ScreeningRep. Ryan LauerPassed
HB 1146Health care service costsRep. Matt HostettlerReferred to Committee
HB 1207Pharmacy mattersRep. Steven Davisson Passed
HB 1230Health care provider billing requirementsRep. Beau BairdReferred to Committee
HB 1231Prescription PriceRep. Beau BairdReferred to Committee
HB 1300Administration of auto-injectible epinephrineRep. Brad BarrettReferred to Committee
HB 1336TelemedicineRep. Anne VermillionPassed
HB 1365Medicaid advisory committeeRep. Dollyne ShermanReferred to Committee
HB 1185Prescription Drug Donation RepositoriesRep. Steve BartelsReferred to Committee

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