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Indiana is preparing for the 2022 Session of the Indiana General Assembly. Please visit the IGA website for information on any bills from the 2021 session.

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Key Session Dates

Bill Track – 2022 Session

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BillShort TitleSponsorsStatus
HB 1001Administrative authority; COVID-19 immunizations.Rep. Matt Lehman referred to Senate Health Committee
related to vaccines:
HB 1040: Education matters.
HB 1100: Agency oversight and rulemaking procedures.

1100 – Senate Committee on Commerce and Technology
HB 1046Health insurance matters.Rep. Dave Heine.
HB 1049Cannabis regulation.Rep. Sue Errington. co Rep. Chris Campbell.
HB 1057Prescription drug donation repositories.Rep. Steve Bartels.
HB 1070Decriminalization of marijuana.Rep. Heath VanNatter.
HB 1123Medicaid advisory committee.Rep. Gregory Porter.referred to Senate Health Committee
HB 1164 Small business development.Rep. Robin Shackleford.
HB 1168Medical marijuana.Rep. Jim Lucas.
HB 1169Department of health matters.Rep. Edward Clere. Referred to Senate Health Committee
HB 1212Medical and adult use cannabis.Rep. Jake Teshka.
HB 1230Telemedicine services.Rep. Shane Lindauer.
HB 1232Partial marijuana decriminalization.Rep. Zach Payne.
HB 1291Department of health name change.Rep. Wendy McNamara.Referred to Senate Health Committee
HB 1372Dispensing ivermectin.Rep. Curt Nisly.
HB 1384Purchase of insulin needles.Rep. Elizabeth Rowray.
SB 88Prescription Drug Rebates and PricingSen. Ed Charbonneau.Referred to the House
SB 3Administrative authority.Sen. Ed Charbonneau. Assigned to Committee on Public Health
SB 30Workplace immunization.Sen. Dennis Kruse.
SB 31Workplace COVID-19 immunization. Sen. Dennis Kruse.
SB 32Sessions of the general assembly. Sen. James Buck.
SB 112Medicaid advisory committee.Sen. Stacey Donato.
SB 114Vaccine status discrimination.Sen. James Tomes.
SB 154Medicaid advisory committee.Sen. Jean Breaux.
SB 175Medical cannabis.Sen. J.D. Ford.
SB 196Data privacy.Sen. Rodney Pol.
SB 197Cannabis regulation.Sen. Rodney Pol.
SB 209Drug schedules.Sen. Michael Young.Referred to House
SB 223Venture capital investment tax credit.Sen. Scott BaldwinSen. Kyle Walker.Referred to Committee on Ways and Means
SB 231Medical marijuana.Sen. Greg Taylor.
SB 268Colorectal cancer screening coverage.Sen. Mike Bohacek.Referred to Committee on Financial Institutions and Insurance
SB 286Prohibition on employer immunization requirements.Sen. Dennis Kruse.
SB 287Health and immunization matters.Sen. Andy Zay.
SB 312Health care information privacy.Sen. Shelli Yoder.
SB 319Study of pharmacy deserts.Sen. Eddie Melton.
SB 330Vaccine status discrimination.Sen. Erin Houchin.
SB 358Personal information and social media policies.Sen. Liz Brown.Referred to the House
SB 361Economic development.Sen. Ryan Mishler.Referred to the House
SB 372Taxation.Sen. Andy Zay.
SB 378Assessment of business personal property.Sen. Brian BuchananSen. Linda Rogers.
SB 381Regulation of radioactive material.Sen. Michael Crider.Referred to the House
SB 382Various tax matters.Sen. Travis Holdman.Referred to the House
SB 401:Business matters.Sen. Erin Houchin.
SB 414Cannabis legalization.Sen. David NiezgodskiSen. Eddie Melton.

Notes, Links, and Updates

HB1001 – Rep. Matt Lehman, the bill’s author, told IBJ the legislation is expected to be on a fast track to passage in the House once session starts on Jan. 4. Lehman said his goal is to have an amendment ready to be adopted in a committee on Jan. 4, and then have the bill on the House floor for a full vote by Jan. 10. (Source: IBJ’s The Rundown 12/17/21)

SB88 – IHIF supports this legislation. Please visit for more information.

SB381 – IHIF supports this legislation