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Monon Bioventures (with Arrhythmotech and Scioto Biosciences)

Indianapolis, IN

Monon Bioventures is a privately held company created to assist world-class investigators navigate the early-stage challenges of translating their research into the clinic. We turn ideas into valuable assets supported by capital providers like angel investors, venture capitalists, and strategic corporate partners.

Some of the companies in the Monon Bioventures portfolio include: – Arrhythmotech is the world leader in non-invasive detection and analytics of ‘fight-or-flight’ nervous system activity.   Arrhythmotech’s neuECG(TM) platform is a novel medical device and software platform capable of detecting sympathetic nerve signaling (fight-or-flight activity) non-invasively on the skin (SKNA). SKNA is a novel continuous digital biomarker that will have an impact in a number of healthcare, clinical research and wearable technology markets. The patent pending neuECG is the only product capable of detecting SKNA, and Arrhythmotech will be the world leader in technology products that harness this capability. PROBIOTIC PLATFORM THROUGH INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY – The Scioto Platform is a novel formulation that primes the colony-forming mechanisms of probiotic bacteria by combining beneficial bacteria with polysaccharide microspheres. These natural mechanisms induce ‘biofilm’ formation, enhance probiotic function and allow for non-spore forming bacteria to survive passage through the gastrointestinal system.