Richmond, VA

Kaléo is a new type of pharmaceutical company, dedicated to building innovative solutions for serious and life-threatening medical conditions. We believe you are the expert on how your medical condition impacts your life and so we bring you into the product development process. Each Kaléo product combines an established drug with an innovative delivery platform with the goal of achieving superiority over the current standard of care and cost-effectiveness.

Kaléo applies rigorous selection criteria to identify areas where its patient-centric approach and proprietary technology will offer superior solutions. The company only proceeds to an active development program once it has established that incremental clinical and economic benefit is achievable.

In every therapeutic area, the kaléo goal is the same: to work together with patients and other users in order to develop better alternatives to the currently available standard of care. Kaléo’s management team has deep experience and knowledge of diverse aspects of pharmaceutical development and commercialization. But we also share a common passion – you remain our central focus in every aspect of what we do. It is only with your insights that we may better understand your personal medical conditions, so we may continue to innovate and produce demonstrably superior healthcare solutions.

Our Mission
To provide demonstrably superior medical products that empower you and your caregivers to confidently take control in potentially life-threatening situations.

Our History
It’s no coincidence that kaléo so strongly believes in patient-inspired design through true collaboration between our experts and the people who use our products.

When our founders, twin brothers Eric and Evan Edwards, were young children, they were diagnosed with life-threatening allergies to a wide range of items, including peanuts, tree nuts, seafood and eggs, they were taught to carry a dose of epinephrine with them at all times. Eric and Evan decided to develop another option for patients like themselves and, in their late teens, conceived a new epinephrine delivery system. This led to the formation of Intelliject, later renamed kaléo.