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DC Limited

Indianapolis, IN

Ramesh M Shah is President and CEO of DC Limited, an international business development and management consulting company. His specialty is in providing guidance to startup companies in restructuring and in developing offshore research & development, international trade, joint ventures, partnerships and technology transfer, within the United States and overseas.

The founder of DataChem, Inc. Dr. Shah has decades of experience in multiple industries like life sciences, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology and IT. He is a Member on the Advisory Board of Nesch, LLC; Biosynergetics, Inc; Encompass Media, LLC; Safis Solutions, LLC and Medical Animatics, LLC. He has also acted as a Technical Advisor for India to several Indiana based companies for offshore research and development and marketing.

He has published over 20 scientific papers and owns nine patents. Shah was elected Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists and Licentiate of the Royal Institute of Chemists, U.K. In 1988, Dr. Shah was awarded the Finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Arthur Young and Venture Magazine. In 1991, he won the Indiana Small Business Exporter award by the U.S. Small Business Administration.