Labyrinth BioPharma, LLC

Bloomington, IN

Labyrinth BioPharma, LLC (Labyrinth) is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) located in Bloomington, Indiana, USA. Founded in 2019 by formulation and lyophilization expert Dr. Jeff Schwegman (formerly of AB BioTechnologies), Labyrinth is an internationally renowned leader in lyophilization and formulation development for small and large molecules, suspensions, emulsions, tissues, and diagnostic products. Labyrinth’s clients receive the dedicated attention of scientists who understand the science behind their projects, enabling them to clear the hurdles of product development with ease. From early-stage development work to aseptic liquid and lyo GLP Tox manufacturing, Labyrinth BioPharma’s experienced team bring client projects from concept to clinic, and beyond.