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Life Science Logic

Indianapolis, IN

Contact: Eric Marr, Founder and CEO

We help small and/or emerging life science companies in their efforts to expand distribution throughout the US market via our Membership resources and/or our Advisory and Consulting Services. We also assist clients with their launch messaging and positioning for success while attaining or surpassing commercial expectations.

All services have been crafted to support and elevate sales, marketing & the commercialization of our client’s healthcare products and services through a proven process that is efficient, affordable, sustainable, and ultimately results in commercial success. Our services and approach are methodical, easy to incorporate, metric based, resulting in an effective Go to Market (GTM) platform.

We seek both domestic & international expansion engagements including commercial growth opportunities from partners in: England, Scotland, Germany, France, Singapore, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Norway, Spain, Italy and of course the US itself. Creating and facilitating an active ecosystem between these countries and the US is our objective. We are a conduit for life science firms that want to grow by selling their products or services in the US market…that is what we do.

Member Number: 173, Strategic Partner

Member Since: 2023