IRA means 40% reduction in new drugs over 10 years, report finds

A new study conducted by Vital Transformation and supported by BIO found that the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act’s drug price controls would result in a 40% reduction in the development of new drugs over a 10-year period, and if it had been implemented in 2014 24-49 of the treatments currently available today wouldn’t be on the commercial market or accessible to the patients who needed them most. “We are already seeing companies stop critical research because of the IRA. This analysis shows that these impacts will only grow and become more severe –harming patients desperate for treatments for cancer, orphan diseases, and other areas of unmet patient need,” according to BIO Chief Policy Officer John Murphy.

Report: IRA would reduce new drugs by 40% over 10 years

Read the full study on the Vital Transformation website.