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HabitHalo, Inc.

Indianapolis, IN

Contact: Todd Durniak, CEO

HabitHalo was founded by a former vaper who struggled with control and realized existing methods needed to be updated and made specifically for vapers. He, his friends, and his loved ones urgently required new tools. He made this for them, and he made this for you—the vaper.

Over a few years, our founder, his friends, and a community of vapers like you, provided invaluable feedback. This collaborative effort led to continuous improvements in the tool and process. After several rounds of testing, focus groups, and relentless refinement, it began to work – work really well. HabitHalo is the result of this collective dedication, packaged conveniently in an app that personalizes to each vaper and automates restrictions through our vape compatible hardware device.

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Member Since: 2024