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Femtera Laboratories, LLC

Indianapolis, IN

Femtera Laboratories LLC strives to innovate next-generation diagnostics for severe diseases, especially for simultaneous detection of multiple types of early-stage cancers. The accurate, non-invasive and affordable laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) the company works on are based on the cutting-edge metabolomics and high-resolution accurate mass spectrometry (HRAM) techniques. In addition, the company has been providing certain high-end research-use-only (RUO) testing services to support related research institutions/ hospitals.

Founded in March 2016, the company is currently located in the Biotechnology Research & Training Center of the Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) in Indianapolis, Indiana. Its technical team is comprised of highly skilled researchers hailing from multidisciplinary backgrounds. With unique combined expertise in academic research, industrial R&D and commercial testing services, the team is able to bridge the gap between scientific findings and commercialization. Femtera further enhances its strengths by working with a group of highly qualified consultants and collaborators.