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Helix BioStructures, LLC

Indianapolis, IN

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Helix BioStructures, LLC (HBS) is a contract research organization (CRO) providing Drug Discovery services to the Biopharmaceutical Industry.

A typical Drug Development pipeline consists of several phases. HBS occupies the Early Drug Discovery Phase (below) and provides a specialized focus in therapeutic discovery, physical characterization, protein synthesis, and related software development. The Discovery Phase of Drug Development centers on investigating small molecules (traditional pharmaceuticals or drugs) and protein (large molecules) based therapies such as antibodies. HBS’s expertise encompasses drug design & development, chemical & structural analysis, protein production & purification, and computational modeling & design. This knowledge base allows HBS to assist its clients in several ways. HBS can leverage a full suite of structural biology resources to analyze and determine the composition and configuration of therapeutic molecules. In addition, HBS can employ in-house production facilities to synthesize proteins with a given specificity and purity. Finally, HBS can perform computational protein-ligand docking and analysis to aid in the elucidation and/or refinement of drug design. HBS maintains a full suite of services outlined below which assists clients in overcoming obstacles or hurdles in the Early Discovery Phase of Drug Development.